Safe Detachment

Indeed, love is a wonderful feeling. But, have you been in love with an addict? If yes, then you will never feel the magic and wonder in love. It is painful, difficult and is devoid of the emotional strain that love should have. It is better cut off that relationship. At the end of the day, you will not go to bed with a happy memory.

People who are addicted to either drug or alcohol tend to be selfish, egotist, and take much care about their next addiction rather than the person with whom they are in love. You can of course sacrifice, but that too has a limit.

Reasons for detaching with love from an addict

Detachment with love from an addict is definitely difficult. But it is an important thing that you cannot miss out. The reasons are as follows:

  • You could be getting into their form of addiction

If you are caring your loved one, helping him with money, telling lies for them, coping up their financial vacuum, or even reaching the extent of paying their living then you are enabling yourself into their routine. You need to take back few steps and force them to take up their own responsibility. And, mind you, this can be very difficult.

  • Co-dependency

Co-dependency is an extreme emotional or psychological relief from your partner. Even though you are being constantly hurt by your addicted partner, you tend to keep glued to him. This happens because you become habituated to his lifestyle. In fact, you don’t even realize what harm you are doing to yourself. It can even lead to huge ups and downs in the relationship. Sometimes you blame yourself for the fault of the addict.

  • Yourself

What addicts do is they feel either too good or too bad only under the trance of the substance that they are taking in. this brings about a massive effect not only to the addict but to his whole family. The addicts have no control over their actions. Sometimes the actions may seem too low while some other time it can be too dramatic.

So, if you are already affected by an addict, it is high time that you take yourself out of that relationship. After all, that’s not a healthy life that you are leading.

How to detach from an addict?

For the detachment process you need to take certain things in consideration. They are as follows:

  1. Understand that they are irrational

Addicts are said to be very dramatic. Indeed, they are selfish. They do not understand any logic. Rather they will never care for what you feel. The faster you accept this, the quicker will you be able to retrace back from that relationship.

  1. Stop taking up responsibilities unnecessarily

Partners of almost all addicts have a very bad habit of doing their stuff on their behalf. If you too are into this habit, stop it immediately. Once you start taking up their responsibility, they fully get dependent on you.

  1. Make yourself your priority

Taking up the responsibility of the addict and continuously doing every single work for him, makes you lose yourself. Remember, you a separate entity. It is your life!

  1. Stop giving without reciprocation

Unless and until you get proper feedbacks from your addicted partner, do not give yourself. Otherwise, there will come a time when you will be left only with repentance.