Do You Like Sativa or Indica?

I was talking with my friends about what they liked to smoke and I thought that it was really interesting to hear how many of them will only smoke sativa, but the thing is that you can develop a certain kind of tolerance to that kind of strain if that is all you do. I think that I told my friend strains like Phoenix Tears are hybrids and they actually will be able to help my friends kind of cut up their tolerance. If you use a different kind of strain then it will break through the same strain that you have been using for a long time on a very consistent basis. There are a lot of people that do not know the first basic thing about cannabis and it is really unfortunate because you should really be educated on the product that you are using. I think that it is the more than responsible thing to do.

I like to vape because the battery will actually do the combustion for you and you will not have to subject your lungs to the harsh smoke. There are a lot of people that just like to use the cannabis flower to smoke because they say that it is really important to keep the integrity of the plant. When I vape I use an oil that is literally made straight from the cannabis plant and the same exact flower leaves that the traditional smokers of cannabis enjoy. I would much rather have a battery and vape style pen that I can carry around with me in public and use if I need to on the fly. I am a cannabis patient and I need to make sure that I have access to my medicine when I need it, it’s very important.