How To Take Care Of Combination Skin – Our Top 10 Tips

Everybody, it seems, hopes something different for their skin. It’s a long-shot desire though because that’s never going to happen. If you have combination skin, that can be a little more tacky than having to care for any other skin type. Yet, it helps for you to recognize that each skin type has its own set of upsides and downsides. Yours just happens to be more demanding when it comes to choosing the right products and the manner by which each of these are applied. Have we got tips for combination skin care for you!

How To Love Your Combi Skin 

Since you only got one skin to love and to hold for the rest of your life, it’s time you start accepting the reality of your skin and make it feel how much you care. Here are Top 10 tips to help you get by everyday, wearing nothing but gorgeous Combination Skin:

  1. Use sunscreen. When you cannot get sun protection infused in your moisturizer already, make sure to use sunscreen with SPF 30 Layer on top of your moisturizer and under your makeup. A lot of sunscreens can be irritating so, make sure that yours won’t hurt your skin.
  1. Keep moisturizing throughout the day. Don’t be content with slopping off moisturizer on your face before you leave home. Find opportunities to rehydrate your skin throughout the day. You may find that a using a skin moisturizer for this purpose may be impractical. This is where you can incorporate a mist. You can use this product whenever and wherever you may be. Simply spray about an arm’s length away from your face to reawaken your complexion. A mist that contains antioxidants will provide even more benefits.
  1. Stop using soaps. Switch to soap-free cleansers to rid your skin of impurities while improving your skin’s state of health by preventing moisture and skin oils from becoming stripped from your skin. The best cleanser for skin like yours contains salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid that helps slough off the damaged top layer so that a new layer may surface. Salicylic acid also helps regulate sebum production which reduces the greasiness of your skin.
  1. Cleanse, tone and moisturize. You can think of these three-step skincare routine as the pillars of good skincare. Follow these steps day and night for a clearer and more revitalized complexion. Apart from that, this regimen also makes it much easier for the beneficial ingredients infused in your skincare products to deeply penetrate your skin where it can contribute the most in improving your skin health.

Don’t skip your toner. The best toner for face is alcohol-free. Toning tightens your pores without drying it out. Follow through with a moisturizer best suited for your skin type, age, and peculiar skin needs. A combinational skin type will normally require four types of moisturizers, each one to address, where appropriate, dry and oily areas of your skin. Daytime moisturizers will both require sunscreen with at least an SPF30. To enhance overnight skin repair and rejuvenation, the suitable night cream for face will have a thicker formulation, even for areas of your skin that tend to oil excessively. For aging skin, it is important to up your moisturizers to include anti-aging ingredients.

  1. Treat for the skin imperfection that bothers you the most. Among the top tips for combination skin care, this item will be subjective or, removed, if you do not happen to have any particular skin issue that requires treatment. It could be acne, wrinkles or other signs of aging, blotchiness or inflammation. This is the part of your regimen where you specifically address a skin problem that you are particularly worried about.
  1. Use night cream. This tip is vital for all skin types but, most especially for mature and aging skin types. Night creams are specially formulated to support your skin in healing, repair and rejuvenation functions. It helps strengthen weakening skin bonds while simultaneously stimulating faster collagen production that permits more frequent and more efficient turnovers.
  1. Exfoliate. All skin types require exfoliation. Among all the tips for combination skin care, this item is that most neglected one of all. Some people, most especially those who believe that they have sensitive skin type think that exfoliation is bad for their skin. How to exfoliate skin all boils down to three things: your skin type, your skin’s tolerance for physical and chemical exfoliators, and your expectations. Whenever you are unsure, you can always just schedule a professional skin treatment.
  1. Get skin treatments. There are treatments to enhance your skin health, and there are those that are suited for correcting imperfections. You will be glad to note that a lot of the skincare procedures used today deliver visible results without the need to undergo surgery. You should try one that best addresses your skin requirements.
  1. Be smart about using your cosmetics. Part of caring for your skin is applying your cosmetics, most especially when you particularly love putting on your cosmetics everyday. Even when you have combi skin, the best foundation for you to have is water-based. Let your moisturizer take care of the drier patches of your skin. Allow your foundation to manage the cover. Don’t forget to go through your usual process of skincare first and treat your skin before putting on your makeup.
  1. Stay indoors whenever you can. This tip intends to protect your skin from environmental factors that damage your skin. While indoors, take control of humidity and the temp so that you can keep your skin cool without going overboard with temperature that dries it out. For humidity, installing a humidifier will keep the atmosphere from drying out and sucking the moisture off of your skin.


Follow these 10 tips for combination skin care and you’ll be surprised how it’s not so hard after all. Proper skincare can do tons in promoting skin health which, in turn, promotes youthful and gorgeous-looking skin. Don’t forget about what goes on in your body too — eat right, exercise, and sleep tight.

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