Hospital Staff Works to Warn Individuals to Treat Cancer Early and Protect Their Health

Lahey Hospital is a medical center that is focused on providing for the extensive health needs their patients have. Since National Cancer Survivor’s Day was celebrated June 4th, the staff hopes to remind individuals to stay on top of their health so they can avoid cancer. Should cancer arise, early treatment is vital, and the hospital is committed to providing diagnostic screening services to help their patients. From CT scans to MRI technology, they have their patients covered in protection.

Early discovery is vital for the treatment of any type of cancer. The hospital recently spoke on one of their patients who overcame his cancer through the hospital’s aggressive approach to treatment. One of their patients was a former smoker and decided he would visit the hospital for diagnostic screening via a lung CT scan. Thankfully, this allowed his lung cancer to be caught well before it became untreatable so it could promptly be removed.

Today, more and more people are becoming cancer survivors because of the early intervention that can be found at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. Here, the staff is devoted to helping patients manage a cancer diagnosis and ensure they stay on top of their health throughout treatment. At the Lahey Cancer Center, early detection is possible through their vast diagnostic screening equipment and the top oncologists available in the country.

CT scanning is the diagnostic tool of choice to help prevent the loss of life due to cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 1,688,780 people will be diagnosed with cancer in 2017 alone. With new advancements being made in cancer treatment on a regular basis, survival rates are rising higher than ever before. Those who are smokers or have a family history of cancer are urged to seek testing on a regular basis so their health can be protected.

If you would like to learn more about the diagnostic screening available at the Lahey Cancer Center, call the office right away or visit their website. They are dedicated to helping cancer patients with state-of-the-art treatment programs that offer a greater level of hope for survival.