Seek Back Pain Relief without Surgery

People experience back pain at one point in their life. In the US alone, at least 35% of the Americans are suffering from back pain due to accidents, sports, stress, and muscle strain. Back pain doesn’t just affect the back but also affects the neck and arms. It can also cause headaches.

Chiropractor is a method of treating back pain with the use of hands. It is an invasive method of treating pain plus the reduction of painkillers unless the pain is intolerable. If you are from FL and is currently looking for a chiropractor in Seffner, you can easily find reliable chiropractor doctors online or by checking yellow pages.

Chiropractor is recommended in treating lower back pain, leg pain, neck pain, repetitive back pain, repetitive muscle strain, sports injuries, arthritis, and repetitive headaches due to muscle and joint pains. With this treatment, you won’t have to undergo expensive and painful surgeries anymore. Your chiropractor doctor will manually adjust or manipulate your spine to correct your neuromuscular disorder. A neuromuscular disorder is believed to be the root cause of these muscle pains.

With a chiropractor, you won’t have to buy and take expensive pain medicines that might give you some side effects. Your chiropractor doctor will educate you on how to reduce the pain during treatment by giving you ergonomic exercises and therapies.

The good thing about chiropractic treatment is that both children and adults can have it. Rather than take NSAIDs for pain, you can just take your kid to a chiropractor to lessen his pain from his sports injury.

Chiropractic treatment is not a one-time treatment. It will require you to see your chiropractor doctor a number of times or until the affected muscle or spine is corrected. When a muscle or a joint is being adjusted, be … Read More ...

A Brief Description On Water Birth And Its Safety Aspect!

Pregnancy is a time when a woman experiences discomfort and mood swings right from the beginning. She may experience some form of aches, morning sickness and the list goes on and on. Healthy women or women who have been working out on a regular basis do not have much difficulty but still feel some kind of nausea. Pregnant women are advised to be active so that their labour becomes easier. Some form of activity is a must so that women can endure the pain.

Caesarean deliveries though not that painful do have after effects and most women do not prefer them unless it is an emergency. Water birth is gaining prominence and it has been popular for decades in the developed countries as it is believed to be safer and women experience less pain. In developed countries water birth takes place at home under the supervision of a mid-wife.

What Is Water Birth?

Water birth is delivering a baby in a bath tub. It can be done at home, a hospital or at a nursing centre. Warm water is filled in the tub to ease pain as warm water offers pain relief.  It is believed that water birth is more advantageous to the mother and baby. Babies are already used to the fluid in the womb and this does not make any change to them.

Sometimes women are in water during contractions and come out when the dilation is full and give birth outside water. Some women be in water throughout their labour and they deliver in water also. If complications arises women are not given the option of water birth.

Water Birth an Option

Women having single babies can go in for this. Water birth is not advisable for twin deliveries. A women should have completed at least 37 … Read More ...

Comfortable and Safe Recovery Tips after a Shoulder Surgery at Home


The shoulder is one of the most complex and unstable body joints, and it can get injured easily. Several shoulder surgeries have been developed to fix muscles, damaged joints, and connective tissue after an injury on the shoulder. Patients who undergo a total shoulder replacement surgery should wear a sling for about four weeks. Besides, they should attend physical therapy sessions.


Most patients take a month after the recovery to go back to mobility. However, it is unfortunate that most patients are not aware of the lifestyle changes they should adapt to before entering the operation room. Here are some safety modifications you need to make to your routine and home to ensure a smooth recovery and rehabilitation process.


Preparing your home


You need to change certain things in your home to make your recovery process easy and quick. If you don’t have someone to help you around the house, consider stocking up your house with ready-to-eat foods such as nuts, salad greens, and bread. Besides, you need to practice brushing your teeth and bathing with your uninjured arm. You can buy an electric toothbrush. Make sure you avoid bending and straining since they delay recovery.


Post-surgery care


You might experience pain and discomfort when sitting or sleeping even if the sling offers support after the surgery. You can try using a chair or reclining sofa if you have pains when sleeping. Besides, you can rest your arm on a pillow or cushion while eating. You need to change your dressing as instructed by your doctor until a week after the surgery when stitches are removed. You should avoid long showers or drench the wound in a bath, and remember to dry up the area after taking a bath. Most importantly, follow the care … Read More ...